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Travel, Sports and Hobbies

Dog Training with John Wade

Book Cover ImageMother dogs don't use treats, so what does she have that we don't, and how can we get it?

Microcrafts: tiny treasures to make and share

book cover image

If you enjoy making tiny teddy bears, little ladybugs, small porcupines, miniature stuffed cats and dogs or even two-inch tall greeting cards, this new publication will appeal to you!

Frommer's does Canada

Looking for a guide to the best of Canada? If you're tired of staycations but can't find your passport, Frommer's Far & Wide has the best Canadian activity for each of 52 weeks: outdoor adventures, culture and history, nature, quirky Canada, rejuvenation and relaxation, and events and festivals.

Holiday Crafts

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If you enjoy making your own gifts and decorations for the holidays, check out our wonderful collection of titles dealing with "do it yourself" ideas for Christmas, such as Martha Stewart's Handmade Holiday Crafts or 55 Christmas Balls to Knit.

Socks Appeal

book cover iamgeIf one of your favourite pair of socks tends to mysteriously disappear in the washer or dryer, this title may be of interest to you.

June is senior's month

Seniors are a vital and integral part of the community and the library.

Hobbies and Crafts Reference Centre

database image Now that Spring has finally arrived, let's celebrate with some spring-inspired crafts and projects! Are you looking for ideas for spring flower arrangements or outdoor wreaths?  Would it be fun to learn how to make your own kite?  Would you like to knit a Spring jacket but can't find a suitable pattern?

Sit Ubu, Sit - Good Dog"

Many of us fondly remember David Goldberg's black Labrador Retriever that flashed on the screen after a UBU production.  The adorableness of it was that "Good Dog" was more reflective of Goldberg's love of his dog then its ability to follow commands.  The dog did not sit.  Sometimes I think I should have named my dog Ubu.

Granted, while I have learned something from all of the books I have scoured

Yarn Bombing :the Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti

book cover image            Yarn bombing, the act of creating and placing knitted or crocheted objects in public spaces, is becoming a popular pastime.

Got a new digital camera?

Tom Ang's How to photograph absolutely everything : successful pictures from your digital camera is a great instructional book that leaves the technical jargon behind for clear, understandable, step-by-step instructions in the art of picture taking.