Title: If I Go Missing Author:Jonnie, Brianna
If I Go Missing
Jonnie, Brianna
Title: Wendy & Peter Pan Author:Hickson, Ella
Wendy & Peter Pan
Hickson, Ella
Title: Bang, bang Author:Sandler, Kat
Bang, bang
Sandler, Kat
Title: The tragedy of Richard III Author:Shakespeare, William
The tragedy of Richard III
Shakespeare, William
Title: The tragedy of King Lear Author:Shakespeare, William
The tragedy of King Lear
Shakespeare, William
Title: They went left Author:Hesse, Monica
They went left
Hesse, Monica
Title: We are totally normal Author:Kanakia, Rahul
We are totally normal
Kanakia, Rahul
Title: Close up Author:Quick, Amanda
Close up
Quick, Amanda
Title: Masked prey Author:Sandford, John
Masked prey
Sandford, John
Title: Dead land Author:Paretsky, Sara
Dead land
Paretsky, Sara
Title: A good neighborhood Author:Fowler, Therese
A good neighborhood
Fowler, Therese
Title: The third sister Author:Blaedel, Sara
The third sister
Blaedel, Sara
Title: The talented Mr. Varg Author:McCall Smith, Alexander
The talented Mr. Varg
McCall Smith, Alexander
Title: Lakewood : a novel Author:Giddings, Megan
Lakewood : a novel
Giddings, Megan
Title: The moment of tenderness Author:L'Engle, Madeleine
The moment of tenderness
L'Engle, Madeleine
Title: One perfect summer Author:Novak, Brenda
One perfect summer
Novak, Brenda
Title: Crowdfunding for musicians Author:Malena-Webber, Laser
Crowdfunding for musicians
Malena-Webber, Laser
Title: We are the Wildcats Author:Vivian, Siobhan
We are the Wildcats
Vivian, Siobhan
Title: The sea around us Author:Carson, Rachel
The sea around us
Carson, Rachel
Title: Mowing Author:Cookshaw, Marlene
Cookshaw, Marlene
Title: Devil in the woods Author:Lockhart, D. A
Devil in the woods
Lockhart, D. A
Title: The wave Author:Moffatt, Virginia
The wave
Moffatt, Virginia
Title: Tranquility Falls Author:Bunn, T. Davis
Tranquility Falls
Bunn, T. Davis
Title: Tough Talking Cowboy. Author:Ryan, Jennifer
Tough Talking Cowboy.
Ryan, Jennifer
Title: The lies that bind Author:Giffin, Emily
The lies that bind
Giffin, Emily
Title: The wife stalker : a novel Author:Constantine, Liv
The wife stalker : a novel
Constantine, Liv
Title: Sister dear Author:McKinnon, Hannah Mary
Sister dear
McKinnon, Hannah Mary
Title: Ten days gone. Author:Long, Beverly
Ten days gone.
Long, Beverly

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