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Central Closed Sundays in December

Sunday, November 26 is the last day of Sunday service at Central Library for the fall season. Central Library is closed Sundays in December.

Sunday service at Central returns on January. 7 and continues until May 6, 2018, with closures on Sunday, February 18 and Sunday, April 1.  Central Library is open from 1-4pm on Sundays.


I wish a good and well-deserved rest for the hard-working staff

I am happy finally the staff gets a well-deserved rest. While i appreciate that most likely the staff is on a rotating work schedule during weeks when the library is open 7 days a week, I still think it is nice for them to have the Lord's day off, and spend it with their families or at their leisure, during these commercially busy holy days.

Sunday Service Schedule

We appreciate feedback about our Sunday service schedule. Our funding allows us to provide service for a number of Sundays each year. We look at periods of highest demand in determining Sunday schedule each year. Sunday service resumes in January and continues until May. Please note that we have edited your comment.


Why the Centre library will

Why the Centre library will be closed on Sundays in December?  Because short of staff?  Patrons that usually come to library are those an "average joe" with limited financial resources won't be spending time to "shop till you drop" (broke)...And library a place to spend time to gain (knowledge at least) without "breaking the bank"...Thanks.

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