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Good to Know


  • 40,000 encyclopedia articles and similar resources featuring clear, high-interest content.
  • My Research lets you compile information into your account.
  • Biography Centre boasts more than 10,000 biographies of both historical and contemporary figures.
  • Built-in Dictionary and interactive maps and Atlas.
  • How To Do Research feature
  • Educator resources to connect World Book into the Curriculum by location, grade and language.
  • Easily integrates with One Drive, Google Classrom and Goole Drive


Getting Started


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Using World Book


Once you have logged on, you can use the search bar using any keywords to find your topic.  The advanced search feature will let you expand or narrow your focus when searching.

From the home page, there are quick links to My Research, Maps and Atlases, Browse By Subject, Citation Builder and Timelines. 

The Behind the Headlines section connects today’s news to information from World Book. 


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