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Using the Library

With your free London Public Library card, you can borrow books and many other items, download the latest audiobooks and ebooks, movies and more online content, use library computers and place items on hold and have them sent to your closest branch for pick up. Don't have a card? It's easy to get one!

Did you know that there are no more late fines at London Public Library? If your books or other items are overdue, late fines will not be charged when you return the items.  And, we automatically renew your items up to 3 times, unless there is a waiting list or hold on the item.  We know that life can get busy and we want to make it easy for you to use your Library.

No More Late Fines!


Did you know that your library is Fine Free? This means that you are no longer charged late fines when you return your overdue items!


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How do I


Learn about how to get started with your library! Find information about getting setup with a library card, finding what to borrow next, and so much more!

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At the Library

Find out all that's happening at the library, including hours & location, information about group visits, and so much more! 

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Get Involved

Find out how you can be a part of supporting your library community, including volunteering, donating to the library, and shopping at the Friends' Book Store.

Have questions about using the Library or your Library account?