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Canadian Newsstream

Access to the London Free Press from 2007 - present. In addition, Canadian Newsstream provides users The Londoner, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, The Globe and Mail and 360+ other Canadian newspapers with regional and national import in full-text format from as early as the 1970s to present day. Canadian Newsstream is great for local historians, genealogists, students and general researchers.

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Good To Know


  • Canadian Newsstream content is updated daily so researchers always have timely access to new information.
  • User-friendly and precise searching experience
  • Ability to narrow searches by date, multiple fields, and document types
  • Spell check
  • Abstracts for every newspaper article
  • On demand article translation in 13 different languages
  • Multi-lingual interface (18 languages available)
  • Text-to-speech capability



Getting Started


To get started, you will need to have the following:

  • Your Library Card number and PIN.
  • An account using your email address and a password if you wish to save to My Research.

Canadian Newsstream is available through an internet browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.  It is optimized to fit the device you are using.



Using the Database


After you have logged on, you can search the database using the general search box from the home page.  If you are looking to search a specific publication or time period, click on Advanced Search.  You can also look up the publications that this resource has from this screen.

From the search results, you can download, print, email articles or save your results to My Research.

My Research is a place where you can save, manage, and organize the content and supporting materials you find and create in ProQuest. You can include documents, searches, search alerts, RSS feeds, and more in My Research.



Need Help?


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Privacy and Terms of Use


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