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Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is the largest, most trusted independent product testing organization in the world. Full text articles provided from Ebscohost.

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Good to Know


  • You can search through individual issues or use the general search bar.
  • Compare price, performance, and reliability all in one place with expert reviews.
  • Find reliable information on new and used cars.
  • Obtain reliable and unbiased consumer health information.



Getting Started


To get started, you will need to have the following:

You can access Consumer Reports on your computer through a web browser, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari or you can use the EBSCO Mobile app and limit your results to Consumer Reports by adding JN “Consumer Reports” to your search.



Download the App


EBSCO mobile requires Apple iOS 11.0 or later or Android 9.0 and up. 

After you have downloaded the app, it will ask you to search for your library or to use your location. 

You will then need to give EBSCO permission to check your Library Card in the Library’s system. 

It will ask for your Patron ID (Library Card number), enter it without any spaces.

The app provides access to all of the EBSCO databases that the library subscribes to.



Using a Computer


After logging on, you will come to a search screen that has the option of selecting issues by year along the right hand side, or you can search all issues by selecting, search within this publication.

If you choose to use search within this publication, you will get better results if you use the word and between JN "Consumer Reports" and what you are searching for example - JN “Consumer Reports” and televisions.

A full results list will appear sorted by the most relevant article. Once you have found an article that you are interested in reading, just click on the PDF.  You will be able to browse the whole issue that the article appears in using the toolbar on the left side.

If you are in your result’s list, you can add articles to your folder to print, email, save or export for use later. 



Need Help?


For more help, please visit EBSCO’s help section. 



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