Explora Canada

Explora is a database designed for student research and classroom instruction. It offers reliable content, including primary sources, news articles, and Associated Press videos, in an easy-to-use format.

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Good to Know


  • Topic overviews provide a starting point for research.
  • Simple search function quickly delivers relevant results, including primary source documents, news articles, and Associated Press videos.
  • Text-to-speech.
  • Full-text translation to 30 languages for HTML articles.
  • Ability to view, save, print and email articles.
  • Citation tool to help students format references/works cited.
  • A section For Educators that helps teachers connect content to the curriculum across subject areas, provides lesson plans, tools for students and recommended websites.
  • Easy-to-browse categories organized by popular topics.



Getting Started


To get started, you will need to have the following:


You can access EBSCOhost on your computer through a web browser, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari or you can use the EBSCO Mobile app.



Download the App


EBSCO mobile requires Apple iOS 11.0 or later or Android 5.0 and up. The app provides access to all of the EBSCO databases that the Library subscribes to.


How to use:

  • After downloading, open the app and search for your library or choose to use your location. 
  • You will need to give EBSCO permission to check your Library Card in the Library’s system. 
  • Enter your Patron ID (library card number) without any spaces.



Using a Computer


After logging on, you will see various popular topics organized by subject heading.  You can do a basic search by entering your search terms into the search bar.  If you want to add filters to your search, do so by using the Advanced Search feature.


Select from the available Search Options:

  • Search modes – Use specific search modes, such as Find all my search terms or SmartText Searching or use search options that expand your search such as Apply related words.
  • Limit your results – such as Full Text or Publication date.


Accessing your research:

  • After conducting a search, a list of results will be displayed, sorted by relevance. Click on an article of interest to read it, or select the PDF option if available.
  • If a PDF is available, you can browse the entire issue that contains the article using the toolbar located on the left side of the screen.
  • From your results, you can add articles to your folder for printing, emailing, saving, or exporting for later use.
  • For academic purposes, you can easily generate citations in various styles, including MLA, APA, Chicago, and Vancouver.



Need Help?


For more help, please visit EBSCO’s help section. 



Privacy and Terms of Use


This database is a product of EBSCO which is a commercial service whose policies concerning privacy and user information differ from that of the London Public Library. For more information, please read EBSCO’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.