A driver education platform that empowers people to increase their knowledge of how to be safe behind the wheel. It includes practice tests for the G1 driver exam and M1 motorcycle exam.

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Good to Know


A great companion to the Driver’s Handbook (also available at your library)

Your online Driver Education program contains the following ON-specific information:

  • Multiple practice tests for G1 and M1 tests
  • 1 G1 test simulator (cars), 1 M1 test simulator (motorcycle)
  • An FAQ section with detailed answers to 100+ MTO-related questions
  • The mock tests use the same scoring system used by MTO, which means you’ll feel confident when you take the real test.


This site is not affiliated with MTO, DriveTest or any other government agency.


Getting Started


To get started, click on http://lpl.g1.ca and select your practice test.


Using G1.ca


To help you get all the practice you need, find these prepared free practice tests that mimic the real test. The questions are very similar to those in the official G1 Test. Once you start a test, answer the question and then move to the next question.  It will tell you how many wrong answers are allowed.


Need Help?


For more information, please visit G1 help section.


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