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A selection of ebooks featuring encyclopedias and specialized reference resources for multidisciplinary research. There are titles related to the school curriculum including technology, science, engineering, math, and social sciences. There are also books to support lifelong learning. This is where you can find the Business Plans Handbooks that include actual business plans compiled by entrepreneurs.

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Good to Know


  • Interface language can be changed.
  • Navigation allows for easy access to text to speech, changing the font size and translation.
  • You can download chapters of ebooks for offline viewing.
  • Sections of ebooks can be downloaded into audio versions.
  • Illustrations include graphs, maps, pictures, photographs and drawings.
  • Easily integrates with Google Classroom and Google Drive.



Getting Started


To get started, you will need to have the following:

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Download the App


Download the Access My Library app on iOS 13.0 or later or Android 6.0 or up.

You will need to allow the app to use your location in order to Find Your Library.

Click on Resources and you will see Gale eBooks listed there along with other resources from Gale.



Using Your Computer


Once you have logged on, you can select a subject area from the left hand side or search for articles, ebooks and topics using the search bar. 

The advanced search features allow you to customize your search with more limiting options to target relevant results. You can use advanced search to run complex searches for specific results, or to perform open searches for a broad view of available content.

Search Operators: Use these drop-downs to connect your search terms. AND ensures your results mention both terms. OR broadens your search to results mentioning either term. NOT excludes a term.

Your results will provide access to a list of relevant ebook chapters based on your search. If you have a large number of results, there are options to sort and limit the list.  You can then download, print, email relevant chapters from your results.



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