Sensory Kits Now Available

Photo of a library staff person holding headphones in one hand and red clackers in the other hand. In front of her, on a table, are sensory kits, clear boxes filled with various sensory objects. On top of the boxes sit more sensory objects such as a yellow smiley face ball and an hour glass.

Did you know that Sensory Support Kits are available to use when you visit the Library? These kits provide sensory calming and stimulation activities for children and others who would benefit from them during their visits to our library locations.


Each of our library locations has a kit that you can use in the Library for up to 2 hours. Central Library's kit can be borrowed in the Children's Library. Please ask staff for the kit when you visit! Kits are for use in the library and aren’t available to take home.


Kits include noise cancelling headphones, animal castanets, happy face stress ball, visual timer, tangle, sand stuffy, and hexagon weighted lap pad.


Sensory Support Kits are generously supported by Library donors as our Sensory Storytimes, These storytimes are ideal for young children with sensory processing sensitivity or on the autism spectrum, although everyone is welcome to attend!