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LPL orders all the bestsellers and popular titles you are looking for. However, sometimes a book takes off and we may have missed it. If so, please let us know!


Use the form at the bottom of the page to suggest items that have already been published and are not already in our catalogue. Please read our FAQ information before completing the form.

Please submit only 1 title per form and limit your suggestions to 5 submissions per month.


Our Selections Team considers each submission so there is no need to submit a title more than once.  While we consider all suggestions, it is not possible to add every title.


Due to volume, we are unable to contact individuals about purchasing decisions.


If you want to be able to place a hold should your suggested title be added, please check the catalogue or set up a Saved Search for your title in your account.


For more information, please see our FAQ below.


Frequently Asked Questions

We select titles according to our Collection Development Policy. This includes titles that:

  • Have been published in the past two years
  • Are of widespread interest to the community or help diversify our collection
  • Are of local interest and/or are written by local authors
  • Are already published

We do not purchase materials that are excluded in our Collection Development Policy; for example, academic books, specialized titles or textbooks.


We only purchase materials that are available through our Canadian library vendors.

London Public Library card holders may suggest up to 5 titles per month.

There could be many reasons an item is not selected for the collection. Examples include: availability, age, cost, ongoing popularity, format, space, etc.

Some digital titles are simply not licensed to libraries.  This means that they are unavailable to us.  


Also, some digital titles cost substantially more for libraries than they do for individual readers.

As a result, we are unable to add some of your suggestions.

We monitor holds regularly and may add more copies depending on availability, demand, cost, and licensing terms.

We do our best to purchase all titles within a series. A number of factors can lead to missing titles within a series; however, the most common reason is that missing titles are no longer available through our library vendor(s) or are too costly to source.


Some titles that we no longer hold in print can be requested through our Interlibrary Loan (ILLO) Service or may be available to borrow from our Digital Collections

Certainly!  If you live outside of the London area and would like to submit your already published work for consideration, please do.


Keep in mind that we can only purchase materials that are available through our Canadian library vendors and in keeping with our Collection Development Policy.


If you are a Londoner, please see our Contemporary London Authors information page for more information about being included in this special collection. 

The most common reason for a delay is that the title's publication date has been pushed into the future. For older titles it's usually because of supply issues or shipping delays.


Please note that It can take many weeks (and occasionally months) from the order date for physical materials to be purchased and processed for borrowing.

Some titles that are not in our print collection can be requested through our Interlibrary Loan (ILLO) Service or may be available to borrow from our Digital Collections

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