The Catalogue and My Account Are Back!

Library Updates



Access to the Library catalogue and to My Account has been restored! This means:


  • You can log in to My Account
  • You can place holds
  • You can return your books and other items.
  • You can see which items you have out, your holds and your due dates using My Account.
  • You can browse for items in the catalogue.


Find the link to the catalogue at the top of this page or here.


Please be aware that it might take a little more time for the information in My Account and the catalogue to be complete and accurate as we continue to check in outstanding items.


Online library card sign ups, online renewals and online PIN updates are not yet available.


Due dates on most items have been extended and overdue fines are no longer charged at London Public Library so there is no need to worry if you are not able to return your items immediately. You can now check My Account for a list of items that you have borrowed and their due dates.


We want to thank you so much for holding on to your borrowed items as we worked to restore our systems and to manage the backlog.  We appreciate your patience and we understand how frustrating it has been to be without the ability to place holds, see My Account and use the Library catalogue.


Our work continues on restoring our full website, Book Club in a Bag, Visiting Library Service, Interlibrary Loan and other Library services that are supported by technology.





As we come to the end of a busy week, we are feeling very hopeful! We truly want to thank you for your patience as you wait for the services that you rely on to be restored. We are feeling optimistic that we will have really good news to share by the end of next week. 


Until then, My Account and placing holds remain unavailable and we are asking you to keep your returns at home for just a little longer so we can work through the backlog that is filling our delivery trucks and storage areas beyond our capacity.


This week, public computers and printing and accessible computers were restored at all library locations and holds notifications resumed – over the past three days more than 3,000 holds pick up notices have been sent by email and phone! It’s great to see you come in to pick up your holds!


Late this week we were finally able to start to process the books that we had been manually checking out to you since the outage began. Over the last few days, we have entered 46,445 checkouts into our lending systems, checked in 60,000 items that were in storage and created more than 1,000 new card registrations for those of you who got a library card over the past month!


Again, we’d ask you to please keep your returns at home a little longer. We are getting close to having our lending systems (returns, holds, My account, up to date catalogue) back in service soon!


We've restored access to more of our digital resources.  Find the full list of available digital resources in our Digital Library.


The regular monthly meeting of the London Public Library Board will take place on January 18, 2024. Find the agenda here.



SERVICE UPDATE: January 10, 2024


COMPUTERS AND PRINTING AVAILABLE: We’re happy that we can finally confirm that public computer access is available at all Library locations! Printing is also available, although we’re experiencing some intermittent printing issues, so call your Library branch before you visit to confirm that their printing is currently working. Mobile/wireless printing and Print From Home are NOT yet available.


Adaptive technology computers are not yet available at library locations. We are working to restore these.

We know how important computer and printing services are to our community. We have been working diligently to rebuild all the systems that allow for these services to be securely offered at each of our locations.  Thank you for your patience.


Work continues on restoring our catalogue and lending systems, which are quite complex and interconnected. It is important that these systems come back online in a very specific order so that lending information and the status of items is as accurate as possible.


MY ACCOUNT: My Account is not yet available which means you are not able to place holds or to log in to see existing holds and checked out items. It will take some time before My Account is available but we are getting closer to restoring this service.


CATALOGUE: The status of books and other items in the Library’s Catalogue (VEGA) is not up to date. As we bring our systems back online there will be inconsistencies or delays in the display of information.


HOLD ON TO YOUR RETURNS: We are asking you to continue to hold on to your returns for just a little while longer. We are starting to methodically process the large backlog of books and other items that we have not been able to check in since Library systems were brought down on December 13. We have have limited storage space so appreciate you keeping these items at home for now. No items will be considered overdue and late fines are no longer charged at London Public Library. We'll let you know as soon as we are ready to accept returns again!


HOLDS NOTIFICATIONS: Email and phone notices are starting to go out letting you know that your hold is available for pick up at your branch. This is a great sign as it means that we are starting the process of bringing our lending systems back online.


LIBRARY WEBSITE: We hope to be able to restore our full website, including program listings and all of the other important information that is housed there, soon.  Until then we will continue to use this temporary website to share updates and information.



SERVICE UPDATE January 9, 2024


Starting today, January 9, you may receive an email or phone notification letting you know that your hold is available for pick up.  This means that we are gradually bringing our library systems back online, starting with holds notices. If you receive a notice by email or phone, your hold IS available for pick up.


The following are still NOT AVAILABLE as we carefully bring our systems back online so that we can be sure that they are stable and that there are as few errors as possible.



  • My Account is not yet available. This means that you are not yet able to view the items you have on hold or have checked out.
  • Placing Holds in the Library catalogue (VEGA) or in person with Library staff is not yet available.
  • Returns / Check Ins are not yet available. This means that we are asking you to KEEP YOUR RETURNS AT HOME for a little longer as we work to get our systems online and our locations and our delivery trucks are not overwhelmed. Due dates have been extended and there are no longer overdue fines at London Public Library.
  • The status of books and other items in the Library’s Catalogue (VEGA) is not yet up to date. This means that as we bring our systems back online there will be inconsistencies or delays in the information displayed in the Catalogue.


Thank you so much for your patience and support as we recover from the cyberattack that caused an outage of all Library systems and technology.  We are working around the clock to restore our systems. We will continue to find the latest updates and information as it is available here on our temporary website. We are working to restore our full website and hope this available soon.

LIBRARY UPDATE January 3, 2024



London Public Library was the subject of a cyberattack beginning on December 13, 2023. In response to the attack, cybersecurity experts were retained immediately to begin recovery and investigation.


Although the investigation is ongoing, it has thus far revealed that the personal information of some London Public Library employees has been accessed by the perpetrators of the attack. London Public Library has notified the Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) of the cyberattack and the compromise of personal information.


There is no indication that personal information belonging to Library patrons has been accessed. Additionally, the information accessed does not include any credit card details as online Library fee payment and online donation transactions are conducted using external banking/ecommerce platforms that were not affected by the cyberattack.


With respect to Library services and systems, to date, we have been able to restore access to OverDrive/Libby ebook and audiobook platforms and other digital resources, Library WiFi, and Library telephone and email systems. We are hopeful that public computer access will be available very soon and we are continuing to work at restoring the Library’s catalogue and lending systems, including holds, returns and check ins of books and other physical items.


As noted, the investigation is continuing. We will share more information when it is available. All updates are posted here on our temporary website.


Find earlier Library Updates on our News page.


What Is Available


  • Library catalogue and My Account
  • Placing Holds
  • Returning Items
  • Computers are available at all locations
  • Printing is available at all locations. Mobile/wireless printing is not available.
  • WiFi is available at all locations.
  • Photocopiers are available at all locations.
  • You can sign up for a Library card in person at all locations.
  • You can attend a program or drop in activity.
  • You can spend time in Library space and play areas.
  • You can access Libby/OverDrive and many other digital resources. Find what's available in our Digital Library.
  • Room rentals and bookings are available by contacting or 519-661-5120



What Is Not Yet Available


  • Book Club in a Bag
  • Visiting Library Service is temporarily suspended
  • Interlibrary Loan is temporarily suspended
  • Online Library card renewals, sign ups and PIN updates.


Libby/OverDrive and Digital Resources


Find links to all available digital resources in our Digital Library.


Access to Libby/OverDrive

Access to Libby/OverDrive is available. 


Holds on Libby/OverDrive

Holds on ebooks and audiobooks in London Public Library’s Overdrive/Libby collection were able to be frozen as of December 15. Your holds on these items will keep their place on the waiting list. 


Due Dates on Libby/OverDrive

We are not able to adjust due dates on Libby/OverDrive so it is possible that your items may have expired before our access was restored.




Find all available digital resources in our Digital Library.


Find links to all available digital resources in our Digital Library